Informatıon for Students

EPIC provides a flexible framework for student projects, which are international and in close collaboration with companies. Therefore, it provides you with a unique opportunity to work together with students from other countries (and potentially other disciplines) on a real-life problem from a company.

EPIC Structure Year 2

The project can be small semester projects, or larger projects such as bachelor and master thesis. You will usually take the course/project as a usual project/course at your home university, and be graded and credited accordingly – this makes it easy for you to join in. Moreover, participation in EPIC gives you additional benefits

  The interested students should contact their local coordinator in their university.

Local Coordinators: 


For more information see EPIC student guide (2020)



You will receive guidance and supervision from experts from multiple universities.

Work Together

Work together with students from other countries and gain valuable global experience.


You will have the opportunity to participate in the 5-day seminar free of charge.

Physical Meeting

Virtual collaboration with a possibility of an additional physical meeting.